It’s getting more and more stressful at work.
Desperately needed to de-stress.
Thus these scraplifted pages. ^^

因此找上了我的好朋友-相簿美編 ^^

Happy Girl
Happy Girl
Original layout by/設計源自: Amy Parker. Featured in Feb 2010’s Scrapbook Trends.

Xiao Mei Mei (小妹妹)
Xiao Mei Mei
Original layout by/設計源自: Sarah Joseph. Featured in Oct 2008’s Scrapbook Etc.

Nap Nap
Nap Nap
Original layout by/設計源自: Lipo. Layout was uploaded to Two Peas in a Bucket on 21st Feb 2010 (


52 More Scrapbooking Challenges

Am in love with these recently – Elizabeth Kartchner‘s 52 More Scrapbooking Challenges and grape soda popcorn! 😀

最近愛上了 – Elizabeth Kartchner的”52 more Scrapbooking Challenges”和葡萄蘇打口味的爆米花﹗ 😀

Jams (1)

Jams (2)

Was at Jams at ION Orchard over the last Saturday. Not a very big cafe but pretty cosy. But I would prefer to be there on a weekday…it’s just kind of noisy on a weekend.


Jams (3)

Had a decaf macadamia latte and orange blueberry scone for tea. The latte was pretty good but the scone was a bit of a letdown. Guess I would be trying out some other munchies next round. 🙂

下次還是試試其它糕點好了 🙂

Nuts About U (1)

Tried out a scrapbooking class at SMU that was conducted/organised by a new online scrapbooking store, The Scrapbook Carton. The tutor, Yin Wen, is a very nice and friendly lady whose layouts I really love and adore!

剛過去的星期六我上了由The Scrapbook Carton所主辦的相簿美編課
導師是很友善的Yin Wen

Nuts About U (2)

Currently, the class size is very small but I love it this way as we had more chance to interact with each other.

Thanks Yin Wen! It was a great Saturday morning and I really had lots of fun! Will definitely be back for more!! 😉

謝謝Yin Wen為我的星期六早上帶來許多歡樂
我應該還會再報名其他的美編課 😉

Picture source/照片來源:

Watched “The Blind Side” that was based on a true story.
Didn’t expect it to be such a heartwarming show and I’m happy that I did not missed it!
Sandra Bullock’s performance was great but I love Quinton Aaron (who plays Michael Oher) more. 🙂

不久前看了一部好電影 – “The Blind Side”
女主角Sandra Bullock的表現的確不俗
但我更喜歡男主角Quinton Aaron 🙂

Tom n Toms Coffee

Other than watching a nice movie, I also popped by Tom n Toms Coffee, a new coffee chain from Korea, at Far East Plaza. Quite a cosy place with simple deco.

I had a decaf hot latte and my buddy, Val, had a pomegranate & blueberries smoothie. The latte was okay but frankly speaking, I prefer Starbucks. Val was in love with the smoothie though I felt that the blueberry taste was just too strong. But their pepperoni pretzel with honey mustard dip was our big favourite! It was really really good, very yummy!! Will definitely return for more of the pretzels. 😀

除了好電影﹐也和好友Val到了新開的韓國連鎖咖啡座,Tom n Toms Coffee,喝飲料
但是對于他們的pepperoni pretzel我可是贊不絕口﹐真的很好吃﹗﹗
絕對值得再次捧場﹗ 😀

These layouts (taught by Kelly Tham from Made With Love) were completed in a very short timing. Easy yet beautiful!


Scrap In A Snap (1)

Scrap In A Snap (2)

Scrap In A Snap (3)

Hear Me (1)

Haven’t seen a mandarin movie for a long long time.
This is a very simple and funny love story, yet warm and touching.
Thoroughly enjoyed the show and was carrying a big smile on my face when I left the cinema. 🙂

我很喜歡也很享受這樣的感覺 🙂

Hear Me (2)

Love these movie postcards (came free when you purchase the movie ticket)!