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My first stop in Vietnam was Hanoi, the capital city.
Guess I shall let the pictures say it all. ^^


Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. A large memorial to the Vietnamese leader.

Hanoi - President House
President House. Residence of President Ho Chi Minh.

Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh Museum
Ho Chi Minh Museum. Main entrance.

Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh Statue
Ho Chi Minh Statue. Inside the Ho Chi Minh museum.

Hanoi - Trishaws on the road
Trishaws on the road. We went touring around the streets of Hanoi in these before watching the water puppet show.

Hanoi - Seafood "Market"
Seafood “Market”. This market is similar to a kelong as it is built above water. The seafood prices is comparable to those in Singapore though.

Hanoi - Halong Bay
Halong Bay. This is the view from the boat. It is a very worthy attraction to go to if you are visiting Hanoi.

Hanoi - Halong Bay

Hanoi - Halong Bay
Caves in Halong Bay. The lightings are very beautiful in there.


Found a job, thinking that there’s finally a brand new start. But never expecting that after 2 months, I tendered my resignation. So I’m now without a job and finally get to laze around at home.

It was a very unhappy period for the past 2 months, causing my reflux to be worst. It was a much bigger impact than I had expected. Am now trying very hard to discard all the negative thoughts, to be happier and to regain some confidence. It’s not easy but I guess I need to get back to my normal self before depression comes knocking at my door.

A recent trip to Vietnam did not make me much happier but I’m glad to see something new and to get away from the busy and pressurized environment in Singapore. Here’s a picture taken from a cafe at Vung Tau.





Vung Tau, Vietnam

This Macau trip post had been delayed for months! Finally I had it out! 😉
這篇文拖了將近三個月﹐現在終于出爐了﹗ 😉

Macau is actually quite a nice place for relaxing. There is no need to rush here and there. You can just hop on to their public transport to tour around the country.


Macau Fisherman's Wharf (1)

Macau Fisherman's Wharf (2)
Macau Fisherman’s Wharf/漁人碼頭

Sands (2)

Sands (1)
Sands Hotel & Casino/金沙酒店和賭場

I finally had a chance to step into a casino. And I must say, it’s really big!

Senado Square
Senado Square/議事亭前地

St.Dominic's Church
St.Dominic’s Church/玫瑰堂

The Ruins of St. Paul's
The Ruins of St.Pauls’s/大三巴牌坊

Local Products Street
Local products street/土產街

Also visited the above famous tourist spots.

Typhoon No.8 in Macau (1)

Typhoon No.8 in Macau (2)

But the highlight of the trip was that our return flight home was cancelled due to typhoon! My friend and I were informed by the porter that there are no planes taking off due to No.8 typhoon so we just had to stay in the hotel for another night hoping that the following morning, we can fly back home. Luckily, we managed to reach the airport in the early morning and catch the flight home.

I guess it’s really an experience since there’s no typhoon in Singapore. The wind was really strong and I can hear the sound of rain splattering against the hotel window. You will not see that happening in Singapore no matter how strong the wind is or how heavy the rain is. Now I know how it’s like when I hear people talking about typhoon. What an unforgettable trip!



Here’s what I bought in Macau.

Snacks from New Yaohan
Snacks from the supermarket of New Yaohan, a new shopping centre in Macau.
These are not available in Singapore. And yes, I finally have a chance to try those pocky sticks!! ^o^

那南瓜口味的素材派會讓人吃上癮耶﹗﹗ ^o^

Local Products from Macau
Local products. I tried the white sesame peanut candy on the spot and I must say, it’s really great!!
Top row from left: Peanut nougat, Almond biscuits and Blueberry nougat.
Bottom row from left: Black and white sesame peanut candies.


Macau First Day Cover
Macau First Day Cover for Cindy.

Macau Postcards & Stamps
Macau postcards with stamps bought from the post office at the ferry terminal.

Linda Chung CD

Raymond Lam CD
Linda Chung and Raymond Lam’s cantonese CDs. Bought from Hong Kong.
在香港買的CD – 鍾嘉欣和林峯。

Some tasty food that I had in Macau.

Yi Shun Steamed Milk

Steamed Milk
Yi Shun Steamed Milk. This is really yummy!

Pinocchio (1)

Pinocchio (2)
Special lamb chop, buns and fried mashed cod fish from Pinocchio Portugese Restaurant.
Love the buns, kind of different from the usual types although they look similar. As for the rest, I neither like nor dislike them.


Pinocchio (3)
The new Pinocchio restaurant building which is currently under renovation. Their business must be very good!! 🙂

還在裝修中的新木偶葡國餐廳。想必他們的生意一定很好﹗ 🙂

Portugese Egg Tart
Authentic portugese egg tart.
This is definitely much much better than the Singapore version of portugese egg tart!!


Munchies that made me drool :


Guava and coconut gelato.

Cappucino and Ham & Cheese Crossiant

Cappucino and ham & cheese crossiant from Post Office. Their bacon crossiant is even better!

Biscuits from Queen Victoria Market

Biscuits from Queen Victoria Market.  😀

Here’s what I bought for myself during the vacation :

Goodies from Australia

Children’s illustration books, magazines, tea towel and a pouch with a wonderful illustration by an Australian.

More goodies from Australia

Quite a few postcards, including two Aranzi Aranzo ones which I luckily found while browsing through the shops. Of course I couldn’t miss Hard Rock Cafe and bought a fairy penguin pin to add to my collection. There’s some magnets and postage stamps that I managed to get hold of too. On the background is a cute tote bag from Queen Victoria Market, a pretty big and cheap one.  🙂

If you’re interested in more scenery pictures, please visit my flickr site.