November 2008

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A very simple love story. Though the drama ends with the parting of a couple who is very much in love with each other. A lack of affinity.

It reminds me of the person whom I used to love so much. I didn’t realised that the feeling was so strong and deep until we were no longer in contact with each other. It was many years after that I regretted not telling him how much I care.

It has never come across my mind to see him again. Actually, I didn’t want to. I guess I don’t know what to say even if I do meet him again. But there are two things that I’m very sure of…..I will always have fond memories of the time we spent together and there will forever be a small corner in my heart that is specially allocated for him.



還期待再遇見他嗎﹖ 其實﹐不。


ACCA Graduation (3)

ACCA Graduation (4)

It was my ACCA Convocation at Raffles City Convention Centre yesterday.

After around 8 to 9 years of hard work, I finally put on my convocation gown and mortar board to attend my first (and I believed it’s going to be the last) graduation ceremony. It feels really great to throw the mortar board into the air as a sign of graduation!!! 😀

Though there’s still the practical experience part to fulfill, I’m not going to bother about that for the time being. For now, I just want to relax…relax…and relax….. :mrgreen:

雖然還有實際經驗的部份要完成﹐但我現在只想放輕鬆﹐好好享受那畢業的快樂﹗﹗ :mrgreen: