Some tasty food that I had in Macau.

Yi Shun Steamed Milk

Steamed Milk
Yi Shun Steamed Milk. This is really yummy!

Pinocchio (1)

Pinocchio (2)
Special lamb chop, buns and fried mashed cod fish from Pinocchio Portugese Restaurant.
Love the buns, kind of different from the usual types although they look similar. As for the rest, I neither like nor dislike them.


Pinocchio (3)
The new Pinocchio restaurant building which is currently under renovation. Their business must be very good!!🙂

還在裝修中的新木偶葡國餐廳。想必他們的生意一定很好﹗ 🙂

Portugese Egg Tart
Authentic portugese egg tart.
This is definitely much much better than the Singapore version of portugese egg tart!!