Here’s what I bought in Macau.

Snacks from New Yaohan
Snacks from the supermarket of New Yaohan, a new shopping centre in Macau.
These are not available in Singapore. And yes, I finally have a chance to try those pocky sticks!! ^o^

那南瓜口味的素材派會讓人吃上癮耶﹗﹗ ^o^

Local Products from Macau
Local products. I tried the white sesame peanut candy on the spot and I must say, it’s really great!!
Top row from left: Peanut nougat, Almond biscuits and Blueberry nougat.
Bottom row from left: Black and white sesame peanut candies.


Macau First Day Cover
Macau First Day Cover for Cindy.

Macau Postcards & Stamps
Macau postcards with stamps bought from the post office at the ferry terminal.

Linda Chung CD

Raymond Lam CD
Linda Chung and Raymond Lam’s cantonese CDs. Bought from Hong Kong.
在香港買的CD – 鍾嘉欣和林峯。