– I’m so tired from 2 continuous week of overtime…so many things to do yet so little time….
– I want to go to Casual Poet for a relaxing afternoon…but I’m wondering if I have the energy….
– I want to do some scrapbooking or just some simple reading….but by the time I reach home, it’s so late and I’m too dead tired to move my hands….
– I don’t want to talk, don’t want to think about work….just want to sleep or relax…but I’m having some neck problem which is causing me to feel so uncomfortable (when will I recover???)…..
– I want to snack on tidbits bought from Macau…but I’m still having a sore throat….
– I feel like going on a spending spree….but I can’t be spending all that hard earned money this way…
– I don’t want to grumble….but there’s nothing I can do other than to vent my frustrations and tiredness through grumbling on the blog….
– I’m sorry….please bear with me…..

– 已經連續加班了兩個星期。。。工作太多時間太少。。。
– 好想到隨意詩人去坐上一整個下午。。。但是好像沒有那個精力。。。
– 想好好看本書或做相簿美編。。。但回到家已經很遲了﹐根本就不想動。。。
– 我不想說話或是想公事。。。只想放輕鬆。。。可是脖子一直出狀況。。。好辛苦呀。。。
– 好想吃從澳門買回來的零食。。。但是喉嚨始終隱隱做痛。。。
– 好想花錢買自己喜歡的東西。。。不過這樣花掉血汗錢﹐好像很不應該。。。
– 好像不應該發那麼多牢騷。。。但想不到更好的發泄方法。。。
– 對不起﹐要大家猛“聽”我吐苦水。。。太累了﹐沒辦法。。。