It’s straight to NATAS Fair @ Expo after work on friday. I was expecting a lot of people but surprisingly, the crowd wasn’t that big. It feels great to be able to walk around freely without getting bumped here and there. 🙂

星期五下班後就直奔到在博覽中心舉行的旅遊展. 原本以為人潮會很多,但出乎意料的還有很多活動的空間. 🙂

NATAS Fair 2008 (1)
Hokkaido birdie mascots. 北海道的小鳥吉祥物.

NATAS Fair 2008 (2)

NATAS Fair 2008 (3)

Before leaving the fair, I finally booked my airtickets for a short vacation overseas. So where am I heading to?? Shall reveal the answer when it’s nearer to the date. 😀 But the most happy thing is – I’m finally able to travel with my buddy, Valerie. It’s something that I had been waiting for for a very long time!! ^o^

在離開前,我終於訂了機票,準備跟好朋友Valerie在稍後出國度個短假. 超期待這次的旅程!!
至於到底是去哪裡,遲些再公佈咯. 🙂