Gift from Ivy (Taiwan)

Recently I took part in Ivy‘s blog activity and though I didn’t manage to win, she was very kind to send a super cute lion ATC to me. The lion stamp was handcarved by her niece. It was a real lovely ATC!! :mrgreen: What’s more, Ivy also included one of her handmade postcard which was simply beautiful!! Thank you so much for all these goodies, Ivy! (^o^)

之前參加了Ivy家破三萬的小活動. 貼心的Ivy特地作了獅子ATC作為參加獎,所以我有幸得到獅子ATC和櫻花明信片.
櫻花明信片還是特別送我的唷! :mrgreen:
兩樣手作禮都很棒,我好喜歡! 謝謝Ivy!! (^o^)

Ivy's Porcupine Stamp

The above was a porcupine stamp on the envelope. Really love the details of her porcupine stamps! It’s going to take a very long time for me to be able to carve this well. 😀

以上是出現在信封上的小刺蝟. 我超愛Ivy的刺蝟章,實在刻得太好了!! 如果要有她的功力,我大概還需要好長一段時間. 😀