It’s been a busy week at work so I had a happy and relaxing Saturday to relieve all my stress and tiredness!


National Library Book Sale 2008
Went to the National Library Book Sale 2008 @ Expo after breakfast. Didn’t manage to find a lot of books that I like except the two shown above.

早餐過后,去了國家圖書館的書籍熱賣會. 但是除了以上兩本書,並沒有什麼好發現.

High Tea @ The Lobby Cafe (1)

High Tea @ The Lobby Cafe (2)
After the Book Sale, I went to The Lobby Cafe @ Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel for an early English style high-tea. The food wasn’t as good as I expected but the environment was pretty quiet.

之後到了Grand Mercure Roxy酒店的Lobby咖啡館享用英式下午茶. 茶點的味道很普通,但是環境很清靜.

New Canvas Shoes
In need of a pair of new casual shoes, I popped by the shopping mall opposite the hotel. Managed to find this pair of canvas shoes at Novo fast and then was able to get away from the Great Singapore Sale crowd. ^o^

因為需要一雙新鞋,所以到酒店對面的百貨公司買了以上的鞋子. 現在是新加坡大熱賣期間,人潮特別多,所以買完鞋子後我就快速地”逃離”人群! ^o^

Warm Fuzzies
Last destination for the day was a trip to the library for some reading materials. I was in luck to find Betz White‘s “Warm Fuzzies”. Then it was home sweet home. 😀

回家之前,我到圖書館轉了一圈,借了這本Betz White的”Warm Fuzzies”. 看了真想去學羊毛氈耶!! 😀