Last Sunday morning, I popped by Val’s home for a pancake session. It was really fun since it’s the first time I’m making pancakes. Here’s some photos to share with all of you.

上個星期天我到Val的家做了頓热香饼早餐. 因為是第一次做,所以覺得新鮮又好玩. 來看照片吧!

Pancake Session (1)
Shake it, shake it!! The pancake mix, not me!😉

Pancake Session (2)
Greasing the frying pan.

Pancake Session (3)
Frying in progress….

Pancake Session (4)
Ready to flip the pancake!!
準備翻面! 會成功嗎??

Pancake Session (5)
Yes, it’s flipped over!!😀

Pancake Session (6)
All ready to be eaten with pancake syrup and butter. Yum Yum!!!:mrgreen:
配上牛油和香饼糖浆,又香又好吃. 太棒了!!!