July 2008

Altered Shoe Box (1)

Altered Shoe Box (2)

Tried my hand at altering a shoe box this afternoon. It wasn’t as easy as I expected and the end result wasn’t that satisfactory to me. But as a first timer, I guess it’s still barely acceptable? ^^

為鞋盒變裝,沒有想像中容易,成品也不是很理想. 但應該可以勉強過關吧? ^^







Tiffany’s Book/Magazine Intro Time!
I bought these two books – 1) 雜貨Talk by Fion強 and 2)雜貨好日子 by 粒子 some time ago but didn’t manage to take any photos. Being a lazy person, I borrowed the above pictures from Tiffany. 😀
Love these zakka books, not only the pictures but also the way they were written. And Fion’s illustrations are simply wonderful! Go check them out now!

1) 雜貨Talk, Fion強
2) 雜貨好日子, 粒子
之前買了以上這兩本書,但卻沒拍照. 懶惰的我,為了貪方便,就又借了小魔女的照片. 😀
總之就是喜歡. ^o^

Postcard from 賊 (1)

Postcard from 賊 (2)

Handmade postcard by . Love her drawings and especially adore the handcarved stamps that you see above. All are so lovely! Thank you, 賊!! :mrgreen:

之獨家明信片 – 瓶什麼系列˙編號[瓶1].
喜歡賊的畫,也超喜歡賊那獨一無二的”賊章”(如照片所示)….太棒了! 謝謝賊!! :mrgreen:

Come Home!

Come Home!

Tiffany’s Book/Magazine Intro Time!
“Come Home!” is a home & decor magazine which is relatively new to me. But it sure looks interesting. Anyone care to share a review on it? 🙂
(All above pictures are courtesy of Tiffany)

“Come Home!”是本關於居家佈置的雜誌. 雖然我還沒看過,但似乎挺精彩的.
你看過了嗎? 🙂

It’s been a busy week at work so I had a happy and relaxing Saturday to relieve all my stress and tiredness!


National Library Book Sale 2008
Went to the National Library Book Sale 2008 @ Expo after breakfast. Didn’t manage to find a lot of books that I like except the two shown above.

早餐過后,去了國家圖書館的書籍熱賣會. 但是除了以上兩本書,並沒有什麼好發現.

High Tea @ The Lobby Cafe (1)

High Tea @ The Lobby Cafe (2)
After the Book Sale, I went to The Lobby Cafe @ Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel for an early English style high-tea. The food wasn’t as good as I expected but the environment was pretty quiet.

之後到了Grand Mercure Roxy酒店的Lobby咖啡館享用英式下午茶. 茶點的味道很普通,但是環境很清靜.

New Canvas Shoes
In need of a pair of new casual shoes, I popped by the shopping mall opposite the hotel. Managed to find this pair of canvas shoes at Novo fast and then was able to get away from the Great Singapore Sale crowd. ^o^

因為需要一雙新鞋,所以到酒店對面的百貨公司買了以上的鞋子. 現在是新加坡大熱賣期間,人潮特別多,所以買完鞋子後我就快速地”逃離”人群! ^o^

Warm Fuzzies
Last destination for the day was a trip to the library for some reading materials. I was in luck to find Betz White‘s “Warm Fuzzies”. Then it was home sweet home. 😀

回家之前,我到圖書館轉了一圈,借了這本Betz White的”Warm Fuzzies”. 看了真想去學羊毛氈耶!! 😀

I was in the mood for crafting this weekend, hence the end products as shown. 😀

這個週末大部份時間都在手作. 成品如下. 😀

My first 8×8 inch scrapbook page. I scraplifted this layout as I couldn’t come up with a brand new one.
我的第一張8×8″剪貼頁. 並沒有作得很好.

Altered Drawing Book
Altered this A5 drawing book and will be sending it to Denise, a blogger friend in USA.
(Original design by/設計源自: Kitty Foster from Snellville, Georgia. Featured in “Find Your Groove. A Guide to Discovering Your Scrapbook Style.”)

Handmade Card for Denise
This handmade card is for Denise too.
(Original design by/設計源自: Kelly Anne Grundhauser, featured in “Get Real Greetings”)

Birthday Card for Cindy
A belated birthday card for Cindy.
(Original design by/設計源自: Miki Benedict, featured in “Get Real Greetings”)

Last Sunday morning, I popped by Val’s home for a pancake session. It was really fun since it’s the first time I’m making pancakes. Here’s some photos to share with all of you.

上個星期天我到Val的家做了頓热香饼早餐. 因為是第一次做,所以覺得新鮮又好玩. 來看照片吧!

Pancake Session (1)
Shake it, shake it!! The pancake mix, not me! 😉

Pancake Session (2)
Greasing the frying pan.

Pancake Session (3)
Frying in progress….

Pancake Session (4)
Ready to flip the pancake!!
準備翻面! 會成功嗎??

Pancake Session (5)
Yes, it’s flipped over!! 😀

Pancake Session (6)
All ready to be eaten with pancake syrup and butter. Yum Yum!!! :mrgreen:
配上牛油和香饼糖浆,又香又好吃. 太棒了!!!

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