Orange Specs

So where’s my last stop for the Munch & Shop day? Nope, nothing crafty, nothing zakka…..I was at the neighbourhood optical shop to make this pair of orange spectacles. Surprisingly, there’s a reduction in my degree and it fell quite a fair bit. I’m pretty happy with the improvement but I guess it will take me some time to get use to the new specs, especially when using the computer. Arghhhh….I’m having a headache now……got to rest….

“又吃又逛的一天”文章裡所提到的最終站到底是哪裡呢? 其實就是家附近的眼鏡店. 因為近視度數突然減低所以必須重新配一副. 現在得花些時間適應新的眼鏡了. 而此刻的問題是…. 頭開始痛….得去休息啦…..