My Lohas

MY LOHAS, one of my favourite magazine. Can’t remember where did I first find out about it, probably through someone’s blog, but it was a wonderful find. And I really love Milly‘s articles in there, interesting and always with cute illustrations. A pity this magazine is not readily available at Kinokuniya (order will have to be placed) but if you do get hold of a copy, you won’t regret it. 🙂

生活誌,我很喜歡的一本雜誌. 不記得是在哪裡發現它的,大概是某某部落格吧,可是絕對是個超開心的發現. 尤其喜歡米力的專欄,有趣的文字加上可愛的插圖,很棒喲! 只可惜這本雜誌要預訂才有可能買得到. 不過,一誌在手,絕不後悔. 🙂