Tea Break

Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon so I bought some nonya dumplings for my family members to try out. A pity it doesn’t taste as nice as I thought it would be. 😦 Normally chinese tea goes really well with oily stuff like these dumplings but since I can’t take caffeine drink, it’s Konnyaku Grape Drink from MOS Burger (new item there!) for me. This jelly drink is not too sweet and taste wonderful! I’m going to try out the other 2 flavors – Peach and Orange, as soon as I can. 😉
(I just realised that MOS stands for Mountain, Ocean, Sun. And MOS Burger has been in Singapore for 15 years. HAPPY MOSDAY!!)

端午節快到了,所以買了些娘惹粽子讓家人品嘗. 只可惜味道不怎麼樣. 😦
通常中國茶去油膩是最好不過的了,但我暫時不能喝含有咖啡因的飲料,所以取而代之的是摩斯漢堡(MOS Burger)的葡萄口味蒟蒻飲料. 味道出奇的好而且不甜! 還有其它兩種口味-桃子和橙,等著我去試. 😉
(剛剛才發現原來MOS代表著山,海洋和太陽,而且在新加坡營業已經十五年了. 摩斯日快樂!!)