June 2008

Orange Specs

So where’s my last stop for the Munch & Shop day? Nope, nothing crafty, nothing zakka…..I was at the neighbourhood optical shop to make this pair of orange spectacles. Surprisingly, there’s a reduction in my degree and it fell quite a fair bit. I’m pretty happy with the improvement but I guess it will take me some time to get use to the new specs, especially when using the computer. Arghhhh….I’m having a headache now……got to rest….

“又吃又逛的一天”文章裡所提到的最終站到底是哪裡呢? 其實就是家附近的眼鏡店. 因為近視度數突然減低所以必須重新配一副. 現在得花些時間適應新的眼鏡了. 而此刻的問題是…. 頭開始痛….得去休息啦…..


Afternoon Tea Living Book (1)

Afternoon Tea Living Book (2)

Afternoon Tea Living Book (3)

Afternoon Tea Living Book (4)

Afternoon Tea Living Book (5)

Afternoon Tea Living Book (6)

Afternoon Tea LIVING BOOK – another great recommendation by Tiffany. This book was much thicker than I thought it would be and the price slightly on the high side. But it’s definitely worth every cent that was paid as it contains lots of eye candies and what’s more, there’s a free yet beautiful small bag/carrier. So what are you waiting for? Go get it now!! (^o^)

又到”小魔女好介紹”時間! 這回介紹的是什麼呢?
就是這本 – 美麗生活雜貨特選集!
這本書蠻厚的,但我覺得有點小貴. 不過仔細翻閱後就覺得很值得,因為書裡有很多很美麗的照片,而且還附送一個很漂亮又實用的提袋.
怎麼樣? 心動了嗎? 快去買一本吧! (^o^)

Rose Unazukin

unazukin animation/うなずきん動畫影片

Thank you Tiffany, for showing me this lovely unazukin animation! 😀
Do check out the latest Baby version!

謝謝京小兔,讓我看到這麼可愛的動畫影片! 😀

My Lohas

MY LOHAS, one of my favourite magazine. Can’t remember where did I first find out about it, probably through someone’s blog, but it was a wonderful find. And I really love Milly‘s articles in there, interesting and always with cute illustrations. A pity this magazine is not readily available at Kinokuniya (order will have to be placed) but if you do get hold of a copy, you won’t regret it. 🙂

生活誌,我很喜歡的一本雜誌. 不記得是在哪裡發現它的,大概是某某部落格吧,可是絕對是個超開心的發現. 尤其喜歡米力的專欄,有趣的文字加上可愛的插圖,很棒喲! 只可惜這本雜誌要預訂才有可能買得到. 不過,一誌在手,絕不後悔. 🙂

Breakfast @ The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Pop by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf @ Paragon for breakfast before my doctor’s appointment. Tried their Salmon & Egg Muffin with Decaf Americano Coffee. It was actually quite tasty though the salmon was a bit too salty for me. But it feels great sipping coffee and enjoying the early morning quietness on a sunny Saturday. 😀

一早去復診前先到了百樂宮的連鎖咖啡店享用早餐. 鮭魚加雞蛋鬆餅,配上無咖啡因咖啡,真的好好吃. 美中不足的是鮭魚有一點點鹹. 不過在一個寧靜的星期六早晨聞著咖啡香,吃著美味早餐,真是人生一大樂事! 😀

Kino Buys

It was straight to Kinokuniya @ Takashimaya after the checkup. They were having a 20% storewide discount for members from now till 6th July. I quickly collected the chinese magazine that I ordered last month and then proceed to look for this travel book on Japan that was recommended by Tiffany. Guess I’m really in luck ‘cos there’s only one copy in the store and it was indeed pretty interesting. Thanks, Tiffany! ^o^

檢查過后我就直奔位於高島屋的紀伊國屋書店. 會員現享有八折優惠直到七月六日. 我快手快腳拿了之前預訂的”DIY玩佈置”后就開始找小魔女所介紹的”週末日本小旅行[杉浦爽の旅行手帖]”. 結果很幸運的讓我找到店裡唯一的一本,而且還真是蠻不錯的書喔! 謝謝小魔女!! ^o^

So where’s my last stop for the day? Make a guess, please. I will reveal the answer once I get hold of the item next week and is able to take a picture for posting. Till then!

現在請各位猜猜我今天的最終站是哪裡. 答案將在下個星期才揭曉. 😉

MOS Again

Been craving for unagi rice burger and corn soup for the whole day, so it was MOS Burger for dinner right after work. And of course I won’t missed the chance of trying out their peach konnyaku drink. Yummy dinner on a Friday the 13th! (^o^)

不知道為什麼今天一直想吃摩斯漢堡,所以下班後就第一時間”殺”到那去品嘗鰻魚飯堡和玉米湯. 當然我也不會錯過他們的桃子口味蒟蒻飲料. 美味的小週末晚餐! (^o^)

Pressies from Greece

Kitty decor and a mousepad showing Santorini Island. Looks like a beautiful country worth visiting. 🙂

貓咪裝飾品與圣托里尼島滑鼠墊. 希腊應該是蠻值得旅遊的國家之一吧. 🙂

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