May 2008

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Local television station was airing this 2006 CTS production recently. After watching, I just felt that :
Being alive, is great!
Able to catch all beauty with your own eyes, is great!
Someone to love you, is great! 🙂

最近剛看完這部由CTS在2006年所製作的偶像劇. 看過之後我深深覺得:
被愛或呵护著,真好! 🙂


Help the China Earthquake Victims!!

This is a “Peace Panda” bread from BreadTalk, a local bakery chain. They are helping to raise funds for the victims of Sichuan earthquake. All sales proceeds from these Peace Panda will go to China Embassy and Red Cross Society “China Earthquake Appeal Fund“. Please try your best (if you can) to help the poor victims!! And of course, not forgetting the Cyclone Nargis victims from Myanmar, you can also help by sending donations to the Singapore Red Cross Society. Please see details here.
A very BIG THANK YOU to all who had played a part in helping the victims…LOVE is all around the world!!!

本地的麵包物語連鎖店正在為四川大地震的災民籌款. 全數義賣平安熊麵包的款項將捐給中國大使館和紅十字會救災基金. 請獻出你的愛心,踴躍捐款. 當然,還有緬甸的風災災民也需要我們的幫助. 款項可寄至新加坡紅十字會.
謝謝所有伸出援手的朋友們, 世界真的處處有溫情!!!

Happy Mother's Day!

Mummy had a wonderful breakfast this morning at Tiong Bahru Market for her Mother’s Day celebration. That’s right, no restaurant food, but even more yummy stuff from the hawker centre. And this year, we had muffins (from Missy Muffins) instead of the usual cake. A simple but heartwarming celebration for 2008. 😀
Happy Mother’s Day to all mums and mums-to-be!

今天一早就帶了媽媽到中峇鲁小販中心去享用一頓豐富的早餐. 她吃得很開心. 回家路上還買了熱騰騰的瑪芬/英式小鬆餅讓她品嘗. 二零零八年, 我家過了個簡單又溫馨的母親節. 😀

Postcard from Cambodia

My buddy sent this postcard from Cambodia where she just went for a vacation.
Picture description: Smiling of Bayon, Siem Reap.

圖示: Bayon的微笑, 暹粒市.

Woohoo, my russian doll stamp was featured in CrafterShock‘s blog!!! It was a real delightful surprise!! 😀 Though a pity, the image was not my own drawing, but I will continue to work hard. What a first happy Sunday of May. (^o^)

太棒了,CrafterShock部落格居然介紹了我的俄羅斯娃娃橡皮章!! 實在太開心了!!! 😀 唯一覺得可惜的是圖樣不是自己畫的,不過我會繼續加油努力. 好一個美麗的五月星期天. (^o^)