I was reading the Sunday papers when I came across this article. It was written by a thyroid cancer survivor. She mentioned: “My experience made me sit up and listen to my inner voice. I am closer to knowing who I am and what I want to do in my life.” She’s now in the midst of trying to start her own business and wants to wake up to each new day with a purpose. “Seize the day! For there may not be a tomorrow” was the last sentence in the article.

Reading this reminds me of the scare I had a couple of years ago. The worry I had while waiting for all the test results and the fear of being diagnosed with cancer – something that one will not understand unless one have been through it. Till now, I am still in fear (not constantly though) and always try to avoid watching tv programs which talks about cancer. Hearing those heart-wrenching stories just makes me feel super lousy and the fear will start surfacing again. But I guess having this experience really forces me to look at the kind of life that I have. Nowadays, I just try to do what I want/love to – simple things like – enjoying a hot drink with a good book, buying zakka items and magazines that I like (within my financial ability), walking in the park while breathing in the morning fresh air, etc. Simple life but loads of happiness! And I totally agree to this – Seize the day! For there may not be a tomorrow. 😀

在翻閱星期天的報紙時,我看到了這篇文章. 那是由一位甲状腺癌癥康復者所寫的,而她現在正嘗試開拓自己的事業. 她在文章裡提到(大意): “這次的經歷使我重新思考自己的人生. 現在的我,更清楚自己是誰,自己要些什麼. 把握今天! 因為明天未必存在”.

看了這篇文章使我想起好几年前的經歷. 那時懷疑自己得了癌癥. 在等待檢驗結果時,那種著急和害怕真的非筆墨能形容. 如果不是親生經歷,是很難去體會和瞭解的. 其實到現在,我還是會有些許的擔心,所以常避免觀看跟癌癥有關的節目. 但自從這件事之後,我開始瞭解什麼是活在當下,要做自己喜歡的事. 例如一杯咖啡加一本好書來度過午後時光, 或是買買喜歡的雜貨. 簡單也可以很美. 而且我完全同意這句話-把握今天! 因為明天未必存在. 😀