I was trying to draw/copy down some pictures/ideas for rubber stamp carving before going to bed last night. But I realised I just can’t draw well, not even when the item is right in front of me! Need to doodle more….at least till I can draw out what I have in mind. 😉

昨晚臨睡前,試著畫/抄下一些圖案,準備刻橡皮章時可以用得上. 但是我發現,我的畫畫功力實在差強人意. 就算物品擺在面前,我也畫不好! 真糟糕!! 看來必須多隨意”塗鴉”,才有可能會進步. 也才有希望畫出我腦海裡的東西. 😉