The Health Book For Busy With Work Person

Started reading this book a few days ago. It talks about the common illnesses among office workers such as gastric, migraine, reflux, constipation, etc. Guess it’s good for me to know more about all these and start taking precautions. (ISBN No.: 978-986-7300-53-9)

最近開始閱讀這本”給忘我工作者的健康書”. 書裡談了許多關於辦公室工作者常有的疾病,像是胃病,偏頭痛,胃酸逆流,便秘,等等. 我想,多瞭解這些疾病對我這朝九晚五的辦公室人,會有一定的幫助. (ISBN No.: 978-986-7300-53-9)