I was on medical leave for one and a half days. Took this opportunity to watch “Ratatouille”.

我休了一天半的病假. 乘此機會,看了”料理鼠王”.


The show wasn’t as good as I expected but the animations were really wonderful. Loved Remy the rat and his pal, Linguini! 🙂

戲沒有想像中好看,但是動畫真的很棒. 尤其喜歡小老鼠Remy和年輕廚師Linguini! 🙂


Also bought some bread from BreadTalk (a local bakery), so that there’s something to munch when I get hungry. There’s a lot of stuff that I can’t eat at the moment due to a swelling throat, but I guess bread is one of the safe food. Clockwise from top left : Cranberry Rye Bread, Coffee & Cream Cake, Sakura Steamed Cake, Orange & Mango Cupcake.

因為喉嚨不舒服,很多東西都不能吃. 不過麵包應該蠻安全的,所以到”麵包物語”買了些特別的麵包來填飽肚子.
上排左起: 小紅莓裸麥麵包, 咖啡奶油蛋糕.
下排左起: 櫻花蒸糕, 橙與芒果小杯蛋糕.