Miscellaneous Cuties!

Some surprise finds last week which burnt a big hole in my pocket. But I’m all smiles the whole day seeing these cuties!! Hehe!! 😀

無意間找到的寶物的確會使人快樂一整天, 不過可憐的口袋就破了個大洞. 嘻嘻!! 😀

Speedball Carving Tools

What’s more, I received this rubber stamp carving tool in the mail and was absolutely delighted! Finally a proper tool! But may take a while before I can try this out since I need to spend more time on my exam notes.

也收到美國格友的禮物 – 雕刻刀, 真的超開心!! 希望快點有機會使用它.
不過這可能有點難, 因為現在必須多花些時間和精神在考試上.
雕刻刀, 你等我唷!!