Little House

Sailing Ship

Been quite productive for the past few days but wasn’t quite satisfied with the stamps carved. Just don’t seem to be working too well with my hands. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the reflux thingy that is acting up again recently……
Anyway, I tried using Artnic inkpads with the Speedball carving block this round. True enough, it proved to be much better than Versacolor. No more Versacolor inkpads from now on. 🙂

最近的行動力蠻強的,但是對於刻出來的章卻不是很滿意. 不知道成品的好壞是不是跟我的病情有關.
小屋與船沒花多少時間就刻完了. 這回我把Artnic印泥用在Speedball橡皮擦上,效果真的比Versacolor好. 看來以後我會向Versacolor印泥說再見了. 🙂