Russian Doll

This russian doll stamp was carved using the Speedball carving block. It is very soft and easy to carve but if you were to try drawing (when the transfer from the tracing paper did not work too well) with a pencil on the block, the rubber comes off pretty easily. Thus when you stamp after inking, certain parts may not show too well. And I realised Versacolor ink tend to smudge a bit. It doesn’t work as well as Artnic ones.

這俄羅斯娃娃是用Speedball橡皮擦刻的. Speedball橡皮擦質地很軟所以很容易刻,但是盡量不要用筆在上面畫,因為橡皮會很容易脫落,這樣印出來的章就不好看了. 而且我發現Versacolor印泥會比Artnic來得差. 雖然價格相差不遠,但Artnic印泥真的更勝一籌!