I know, I shouldn’t call you names….not that I want to, but all the things you have done in the past has put yourself in my blacklist! You have no competitors at the moment, simply because I tried not to blacklist anyone. But I guess you have really stretch my patience/tolerance level to the maximum!!!!

You will be back soon…..I really hope you will : stop being so self-centered, stop acting as though you know tons of stuff when in actual fact you know nuts, admit any mistakes you make and not simply blame someone else, stop acting innocent, stop shooting arrows behind others’ back……in other words, stop all your NONSENSE!! Air in the department is “filty” enough, I don’t need further pollution……

– 別再自以為是
– 別再不懂裝懂
– 別再推卸責任
– 別再裝無辜
– 別再背後亂放箭