ArtBox Postcards
Bought some ArtBox postcards for my collection recently. This new shop is super near my house, so there’s the danger of popping by everynow and then…. 😀

最近我家附近開了一間賣可愛韓國物品的店,ArtBox. 真是太危險了,我隨時會有沖進去買東西的可能!! 怎麽辦???

Decole Goodies (2)
And I found this wonderful shop in town selling Decole and other Japanese items. They are really expensive but it seems like I can’t leave the shop empty handed!! :mrgreen: I got myself a small mushroom container and Otogicco Stamp Set. The Bonjour Bunny cutie, which is a notebook and misc holder, is not from Decole but comes from Japan too.

糟糕的是,居然在市區找到售賣Decole和其它雜貨的專賣店! 敗家的我怎麽可能空手而歸呢? 哈哈!!! 所以以上的寶貝就乖乖跟著我回家咯! 😉

Decole Goodies (1)
These are for a friend that really loves and pampers me a lot!!!!!!!! It’s a calendar with magnet and a very cute balancing toy. They are on the way to her now.

這些是要送給一位遠在美國的格友. 雖然我們從未見過面,但她對我的關心和愛護真是沒話說!! 希望她會喜歡這禮物. ^o^