I’m tired and sleepy, but still wish to write this down….
Although my health has been pretty poor for the past 2-3 years, and my work & studies are not smooth sailing too, which means I’ve got no savings…..but I will always try to buy some items (zakka or non-zakka) or books & magazines to make myself happy. I know…..”it’s a waste of money”…..”why spend your money this way???”….that’s what most people will comment, including my family and friends. But they will never understand the joy of owning that little item that I’ve been thinking for so long!! I’ve never been able to tell them the joy of finding an interesting blog, of finally possessing a long awaited zakka book or magazine….they will never ever understand what’s there to be so happy about. Luckily there are the blog/flickr friends that I’ve “met” throughout the past 2 years. At least there’s now someone whom I can share my thoughts/likes/dislikes/craving/hobbies with. I see lots of colors in my life now….because of you, you, you…….thank you all, for making my life different. 😀

(記錄昨晚的心情) 其實已經很累很想睡了,但還是想把這些寫下來….
儘管這兩三年來健康一直很差,工作和學業都不是很順利,所以根本沒什麼儲蓄….但若是看到喜歡的雜貨,書本或是小物品,我還是會買下來送給自己.對家人和朋友來說,那根本是一種浪費,但對我而言,那種快樂和滿足是無法形容的!! 一直覺得不能和家人,朋友分享這快樂,是我的一大遺憾.身邊沒有人聽我訴說某某部落格有多精彩,在書局找到雜貨書或雜誌有多開心,等等等…幸虧在網上可以找到同好門,我的日子才多添了一些色彩.感激這些從未見過面的”朋友”門….謝謝你們讓我的生命不同. 😀