Poetic Zakka Dream Set (2)

Poetic Zakka Dream Set. It consists of the following:
1) Reminder Blackboard (with my initials)
2) Chalk & Duster
3) Handmade Figurine on Pencil (one of a kind)
4) Wooden Ruler (with printed words)
5) Disposable Fork & Spoon (with printed words)
6) Handcarved Rubber Stamp Mounted on Wood (one of a kind)
7) Stamped Paperbags & Tags

My favourites are no. 6 & 7!! Look here if you want more eye candy. ^o^

DIY Obasan

Snoozy owl handcarved rubber stamp from Jo/DIY Obasan. Just love it!! ^o^ And there’s all the wonderful tags and stickers given as her shop’s opening special. The rest are cards sent to me for a blog post I did on her shop. Thank you for everything, Jo!!!