March 2008

Thank You, Tina!! ^o^

Look what I’ve got!! Such beautiful ATCs and giraffe accessory from Tina!! Really loved all these, seeing them makes me soooo happy. Thank you very much, Tina! :mrgreen:

收到了,收到了 – Tina的手作卡片和熱縮片吊飾!! 很漂亮吧?? 看著它們就覺得心情好好唷. 太謝謝妳了,Tina! 😀


Mari-Brand Lush Plush Express Exhibition (2)

Mari-Brand Lush Plush Express Exhibition (6)

Mari-Brand Lush Plush Express Exhibition (7)

Mari-Brand Lush Plush Express Exhibition (8)

Mari-Brand Lush Plush Express Exhibition (10)

This exhibition was held at Basheercityroom Gallery (Bras Basah Complex, 4th Floor). It features plushies and other artworks by Mari-san from Japan. Really love these apple plushies ~ soooo cuteeee!!!! My favourite is the wedding couple. 🙂

最近,來自日本的Mari-San在新加坡辦了個絨毛玩具展. 她所創作的蘋果絨毛玩具實在是太可愛了,而且手工十分精細喔!! 我的最愛是以上這對蘋果小夫妻. 🙂

Mari-Brand Lush Plush Express Exhibition (11)

There was also a collaboration between Mari-san and Nico Teo from Singapore. You can read more about it from Nico’s blog.

這次Mari-san也和新加坡的一位創作人Nico Teo合作,共同創造出別具一格的玩偶. 到瞧瞧吧! :o>

Mari-Brand Lush Plush Express Exhibition (12)

And of course I got to grab some of these lovely postcards home. I like the top two on the left most. 😀

回家之前,我選購了幾張即可愛又美麗的明信片,當作紀念. 😀

© Sony Music

Her name is Joanna Wang.
She’s only 19 years old.
She has a pretty nice and low voice.
I love this mandarin song of hers: 有你的快乐(公视“我在垦丁天气晴”片头曲)
Feels so soothing after listening.
Check her out at YouTube. ^o^

我,特別喜歡這首歌: 有你的快乐(公视“我在垦丁天气晴”片头曲)
到YouTube找來聽聽吧. ^o^

I know, I shouldn’t call you names….not that I want to, but all the things you have done in the past has put yourself in my blacklist! You have no competitors at the moment, simply because I tried not to blacklist anyone. But I guess you have really stretch my patience/tolerance level to the maximum!!!!

You will be back soon…..I really hope you will : stop being so self-centered, stop acting as though you know tons of stuff when in actual fact you know nuts, admit any mistakes you make and not simply blame someone else, stop acting innocent, stop shooting arrows behind others’ back……in other words, stop all your NONSENSE!! Air in the department is “filty” enough, I don’t need further pollution……

– 別再自以為是
– 別再不懂裝懂
– 別再推卸責任
– 別再裝無辜
– 別再背後亂放箭

End of a marriage does not mean end of one’s life….instead, it should signify the beginning of a brand new future. The road will be tough, you may feel helpless every now and then…..but please bear in mind…..we are all behind you… matter what time, no matter where we are.
Buddy, be strong!!!! *hugs and kisses*

一段婚姻的結束不代表人生的結束,相反的,一個全新的開始正等待著妳. 未來的路也許很辛苦,妳也許會感到彷徨無助,但一定要記得 – 我們絕對支持妳! 老朋友,一定要堅強!!!!

Exam Notes vs. Zakka Book

It will be ACCA exam in 2 months time. I finally started going through my exam notes today but was very distracted by this zakka book, Natural Living, that I borrowed from the library. The author has a pretty interesting blog, please do pay a visit. 🙂

再過兩個月就是會計專業文凭考試了,我終於在今天拿起課本開始溫習. 可是身邊這本黑兔兔的”散步生活”實在很干擾人. 最終誰勝誰負,你猜到了嗎? 😉 (在這本書裏出現的几位朋友,包括黑兔兔,都曾出現在新加坡一個雜誌性節目-简单就是美2)

** Natural Living/散步生活 ISBN No.: 978-957040358-9

Little Bee

Did a quick carving of this little bee stamp while there’s some quietness at home. Pattern is from the library book (shown above) that I just borrowed this afternoon. The Artnic ink pad is really good, very thick ink. :o)

乘著沒什麼干擾時,我快手快腳刻了這個小蜜蜂橡皮章. 圖樣是從小间敬子的”橡皮章生活杂货”裡取得的. 還可以吧? :o)

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