December 2007

2007 is finally coming to an end. It was a pretty tough year for me, with all these lousy things happening 😥
1) Both my immediate superior left in March and April.
2) Injured my back while holidaying in Melbourne and had poor accommodation during the trip.
3) Stressful work life as there were too many things on hand and not enough people to help me out.
4) In and out of hospital due to a relapse of reflux that was caused by lots of stress from work and from the head of department.
5) Promotion – wasn’t given much new portfolios and had a lousy increment after 9 years of service.
6) Saw how much my head of department “care” for her sick staff.
7) Failure of ACCA paper.

But of course, there were happy things too 😆
1) Addicted to scrapbooking and attended fun and interesting lessons.
2) Took a 3 months break to fully rest my body (although not yet 100% recovery till now).
3) Had time to sort out lots of long outstanding issues.
4) Met up with my teddy bear artist friend from Hong Kong. We only communicated through email beforehand.
5) A better understanding of my buddy and thus a stronger/firmer friendship between us.

In 2008, I hope the following “dreams” can be realised/fulfilled 🙂
1) A better year for my buddy with big big improvements in her life.
2) A new and much better job opportunity thus earning more money.
3) A less stressful life.
4) Great health.
5) Still have time for my hobbies such as scrapbooking and can do much better than before.
6) Vacation in a country that I’ve never been there before.
7) Pass my final paper in ACCA and gain more relevant work experience so as to apply for CPA membership.
8)Get married?? Hahaha!!!!

Last but not least, a HAPPY & WONDERFUL 2008 to all of you!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:


Are You Soft? Plushie Exhibition (1)

Are You Soft? Plushie Exhibition (2)

Are You Soft? Plushie Exhibition (3)

Are You Soft? Plushie Exhibition (4)

I had a very quiet Christmas Eve this year as there’s no celebration at all. All I did was relaxed and had fun surfing the net and watching tv programs. Quiet and peaceful. 🙂

On Christmas Day, I saw this blog post and was thrilled to find out that there’s a plushie exhibition in a local bookstore!! Since it’s the last day of the exhibition, I had no choice but to be part of the x’mas crowd. But I had no regrets as I had fun shopping and feasting with my mum after visiting the exhibition. 😀

Are You Soft? was quite a small plush exhibition at PageOne Bookstore in VivoCity. The softies were displayed in a quite prominent area but it didn’t seem to be attracting many visitors. I’m the only one hanging around and taking photo shoots. Maybe it’s due to the fact that the last day of exhibition is on Christmas and there are still people busy doing last minute shopping. Nevertheless, it was fun seeing and touching the plushies that I always see on the websites. I hope there will be a much bigger exhibition next time round! :mrgreen:

Attended my second scrapbooking class yesterday and it was really interesting. I tried my hands on with distress ink and clear stamps and the whole session of 3.5 hours was just fun, fun, fun!!! 😀 Snapped some photos during the class!

Beyond Basics (1)

Beyond Basics (2)

Beyond Basics (3)

Here’s my finished scrapbook pages and a closeup of them.

Beyond Basics (4)

Closeup of scrapbook page 1

Closeup of scrapbook page 2

I can’t wait to attend another scrapbooking class! Got to go check out their january schedule! :mrgreen:


Lamington Cake


I was pretty occupied with my accounting exams previously so no crafting was done at all. Today, I finally have some time on hand to do up a few scrapbook pages. It took me six hours just to finish these three pages, does it mean I’m slow? Still need more practice, I guess. I’ll be attending another scrapbooking class tomorrow, hopefully I can remember to snap some pictures to show you guys. 🙂

Decole Goodness

My Santa came early this year! Look what goodies I’ve got!! ^o^ Don’t you just love all these decole goodness?

Shinzi Katoh & Decole

Shinzi Katoh items are now so hot!! 😀 But it’s super difficult to find them locally. Check out these great stuff from their website: fabrics, cafemugs, lunchboxes, totebags, linen tapes, trays and of course postcards!! ^o^

2008 Mr Bean Calendar

Bought this from a soybean drink chain store. Love their mission statement – Life’s Simple Pleasures. I love the cute illustration of Mr Bean too. 🙂

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