November 2007

Teddies by Annei Leung

These teddies are wonderfully handmade by Annei who is from Hong Kong. She was in town for a bear show (which I had to give it a miss due to revision class) and brought all these lovelies along!! I had a wonderful time meeting up and chatting with her! ^o^

Choco Chunk

Choco Chunk “decided” to stay with me after the bear show. Isn’t he a super cute boy? 😀


Teddy Bear Pottery Exhibition

Teddy Bear Pottery Exhibition (1)

By local artist, Brenda Ho. Exhibition was held at Jackie’s Teddy Bear Shop on 17th November. Response was pretty good! 🙂

Teddy Bear Pottery Exhibition (2)

Brenda also prepared/purchased all these yummies!

Silly Me!

Aussie Yum Yum

Care For A Breakfast?


Felt Box
Felt Box

Handsewn Coaster
Handsewn Coaster

Handmade Pouch
My First Ever Handmade Pouch!!

Fleece Bunny

Little Piggie
Little Piggie