September 2007

To all dearies who pops by my blog :

Due to a medical issue, I will be taking a break from blogging and posting pictures on Flickr. I’m not too sure when I will be returning – I can only say I hope it will be soon. Till then, take care and goodbye.

Note: I’m getting better nowadays so Flickr posting had resume but blogging will only be done once in a while. Probably when my energy level is on the high side. 🙂


Kitty Cuteness

Hello Kitty magnets from my godsister.

I want to do all these :

1) eat junk food (potato chips, crackers, etc) and fried stuff
2) have a cold drink
3) go shopping
4) save my money for swaps
5) sleep soundly

but I can only do these :

1) eat porridge or stuff with soup
2) have a hot drink but no hot chocolate
3) other than work, get maximum rest
4) donate my salary to the doctors (I’m taking chinese medicine) or the school (I flunked my last acca paper again and had to retake a completely different paper)
5) sleep with pain or uncomfortableness cause by my back problem

I feel like changing my body with someone else. All these health problems are getting on my nerves. I’m like an old lady with a frail body. 😥

I created a wish list at some time back but completely forgotten about it until a couple of days ago. So I had some new book titles added to it. Does anyone has an amazon wish list to share? I would like to know what books are you interested in. (^o^)

Relaxing Afternoon

This is my way of having a relaxing afternoon – a good book, a cup of coffee and some munchies such as this piece of traditional white bread. The bread is different from what I normally buy from the supermarts. It’s baked in a traditional way and taste really good on it’s own. :mrgreen:

Teochew Snacks

Went to Tiong Bahru market with my mom for these teochew kuehs, especially the black one. It’s filled with green bean and both skin and filling are very smooth. Especially yummy when it’s pan-fried. 😀

Cooling Drink

I tend to get “heaty” after consuming fried food so this cooling drink will help to bring down the body “heatiness”. The drink is from boiling a particular plant, but I don’t know what is the name of it. The leaves are purple on the front (hence the color of the drink) and green on the back. Anyone has any idea?

Ikea Catalogue

Something to browse through over the weekend. 🙂

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