Werner's Oven
Went to this german restaurant & bakery at Upper East Coast Road for dinner with my buddy, Valerie.

Ox-Tail Stew
One of the main course was ox-tail stew with buttered bread. The meat was pretty soft and the sauce was quite tasty. But it’s definitely not the best ox-tail stew I had eaten before.

German Sausages with Potato Salad
We also ordered grilled and boiled sausages with potato salad. The sausages was a bit of a letdown especially the boiled one, which taste like any normal sausage. As for the salad, egg and cucumber had been added, which makes it more tasty and crunchy. Still, I wasn’t very pleased with the dish.

Baked Cheese Cake
Lastly, I bought a piece of baked cheese cake from the bakery as supper. It looks good but taste average. But I really like its chocolate base. A pity the famous pretzels had been sold out, I will have to make a trip back to the bakery soon. 🙂