GreenBeanBaby Goodies (1)
Purchased some goodies from Ellia and she sent much much more!!! Thank you, my dear fren!! 😀 Did you see little Isabella’s photo on the bottom right hand corner?? Such a sweet darling! (^o^)

GreenBeanBaby Goodies (2)
Closeup of fairy postcard. I LOVE THIS!! 😉

GreenBeanBaby Goodies (4)
Phoebe Loves Fabric notebook. Real fabric was used here and the effect was really great! 😀 On the right are some papers given to me, hehe!

GreenBeanBaby Goodies (3)
These are the extra goodies in the package!!! Wonderful templates, tasty coffee, lip balm, big pink eraser for my stamp carving and a cutie birdie card that I didn’t expect to receive at all!!! Hooray!! (The cards tied up by a red ribbon are part of the purchases.)

Ellia, you made my day! :mrgreen: