August 2007

Poika - Yellow

Poika - Yellow

Poika is a candlelight spirit. He’s a new product from Bandai. This little cutie lights up when it’s dark or when you tap on the candle but is shy shy and hides his face when it’s bright. πŸ™‚

I first read about this little toy on Gloria‘s blog and guess what, I saw it the very next day at Isetan, Shaw House! Without hesitation, I had it safely tucked in my bag within a couple of minutes. Then I proceeded to Takashimaya to get hold of some craft magazines for Denise. And there I saw Poika again but at a much higher price than what I had paid for!! Did the sales staff at Isetan make a mistake on the pricing? Most probably she did, and I’m crossing my fingers that she will not get into any trouble because of it.


Gingko Nuts with Dates

It’s now the 7th month of the lunar calendar, which is known as the ghost month. So the whole family went to the temple to pay respect to my grandparents and father. Quite a few dishes of their favourite food were brought along including this dessert, gingko nuts with dates.

Teochew Png Kueh

This was brought to the temple too. Pink color triangle shaped munchie is commonly known as png kueh, meaning rice cake. It’s actually a very popular Teochew snack with the exterior make from rice flour and filled with steamed glutinous rice. The filling also includes small dried prawn, peanut and mushroom. This is available in both steamed or pan-fried and can be served with chilli paste and sweet sauce.

Chinese Medicine

I’m drinking this chinese medicine for my reflux while typing away…..arghhhh……utter bitterness!!!

Julie, thanks for blogging about I also tried my luck in finding “little beary li” and was real happy when I found out that sdmikkelsen had one of my post added to this bookmarking site. (^o^)

Looks like I have something fun to do during my free time! πŸ˜€

Pork Congee

Pork congee. WITHOUT my favourite dough fritter. 😦 I can’t take fried stuff at the moment so congee/porridge is the best food.

Homemade Barley Drink

Homemade barley drink with pandan leaves added to enhance the taste. This is to cool down the “heatiness” in our body. Love it when it’s hot. πŸ™‚


I hardly catch a movie at the cinema, but before I fell sick, I went to watch “Secret” by Jay Chou and Kwai Lun-Mei. A lot of people watched this movie because of Jay Chou (a popular Taiwanese singer) but I was attracted by the lead lady instead. She’s not very pretty but has an elegance that I really like. Even the supporting casts acted real well. Furthermore, the music, especially those performed through piano, are simply great!! πŸ™‚

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Sick Again.......

Caught the flu virus from my colleagues and was on 1.5 days medical leave since thursday noon. But till now, I’m still not feeling any better. Hyai…… 😦

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