July 2007

Unazukin Handphone Accessory

From left: Flower, Princess, Bluedot.
I got all these unazukin handphone accessories from the capsule dispensing machines at Toys R’Us @ Vivo City. Hooray!! 😀 Now I’m only short of “Prince” to complete the whole set. Thanks Amy, for letting me know where to locate these cuties! :o)

More Hannari Tofu & Sirotan

I finally found these other two Hannari Tofu memopad @ Parco Bugis Junction. And I have to grab this Sirotan letterset as it is going at 80% discount. My lucky day! ^o^


Food Package

I’ve got mail! A food package which consists of mexican candies, coffee, tea, cocoa, rice water, etc. And there’s the extra – scrapbooking paper scraps, which will definitely be put to good use. Thank you, Denise! 😮

Yummy Donuts.Coffee.Bakery

Donuts, Donuts, Donuts.....

from Yummy Donuts.Coffee.Bakery @ White Sands Shopping Centre.
Top row from left: mocha, sugared and blueberry.
Bottom row from left: lemon, princess (aka strawberry) and chocolate shippy.

I tried the sugared one while uploading this photo and find it pretty soft but the taste still cannot be compared with the icing sugared one from Dunkin Donuts.
“Dear Dunkin, will you ever be making a comeback in Singapore?? I seriously hope you will do so…..”

(ps: this is my 100th post on wordpress, yay!! 😛 )

I was officially notified of a promotion a couple of days ago. Am I thrilled/happy/excited?? Apologies, I’m not, as the new title was what I had bargained for, and not what they had wanted to offer me initially. But what upsets me most was the dollar increment. It’s just not worth the amount of time and effort that I had put in previously. I know I may sound greedy to others but who doesn’t want a decent increment to come together with a promotion?? By the way, a colleague feels the same way as me ‘cos his increment is as lousy as mine.  😡 😥

Sewing Stars

I can’t resist Teresa‘s products so had to grab these :
Mr Bunny Moods – Rubber Stamp Set
Mr Bunny Moods-Sew-On Button set
Tired Mr Bunny Coaster set
and as usual, there’s the extra goodies that I love very much too!! 😉

Oh yes, do check out her blog, etsy shop and flickr. ^o^

Put on weight equals to???

no choice but to shop for more clothes = lots of $$$ spent. 😦

A Trip to Made Wth Love
Scrapbooking supplies from Made With Love at Plaza Singapura.

For Charity and From Daiso
Altered clipboard purchased for charity. Cute paperbags from Daiso.

Fat Quarters
Japanese fat quarters and batting from Golden Dragon at Chinatown.

Q-Lia Stamp Sets (1)

Q-Lia Stamp Sets (2)
Q-Lia Mushroom and Marker’s stamp sets from a store at Parco Bugis Junction.

Tired but very happy. :mrgreen:

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