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Food Republic

Dim Sum from Food Republic

A new foodcourt at Suntec City with pretty good reviews in the press. The renovation is pretty nice and there’s a good variety of food. Unfortunately, my buddies and I chose the wrong food for dinner. We ordered dim sum (which comes from a well known chinese tea restaurant) and were pretty happy with how they look. BUT…..the food weren’t hot enough, one of the sauce was pretty salty and vinegar was accidentally added to the century egg porridge that we ordered…… 😦

Since that’s the last bowl for the day, we were being compensated with another item – shark’s fin soup dumpling. I guess it sounds pretty expensive but it was actually S$1.80 cheaper than the porridge. Not that we are being calculative but I think the stall owners should have at least mention about refund on the S$1.80 or an additional item as compensation. But NO, other than a few “sorry” nothing was being said after the dumpling was served.

I’m not going to give this stall or the restaurant a second chance as I can easily find good dim sum elsewhere. It’s just pretty upsetting and disappointing that our first visit to Food Republic @ Suntec had to end this way. 😦