June 2007

Goodies from Julie K

Handmade card from Julie K

I’ve got surprise mail from Julie – a cute bag (with my name on it 🙂 ) and some corrugated paper craft packs, yeah! And I totally love the handmade card that she sent……though with my poor photography skills, I didn’t manage to catch the vibrant colors.

Thank you so much, Julie. Your package sure brings on a great summer smile on my face. (^o^)


Food Republic

Food Republic

Dim Sum from Food Republic

A new foodcourt at Suntec City with pretty good reviews in the press. The renovation is pretty nice and there’s a good variety of food. Unfortunately, my buddies and I chose the wrong food for dinner. We ordered dim sum (which comes from a well known chinese tea restaurant) and were pretty happy with how they look. BUT…..the food weren’t hot enough, one of the sauce was pretty salty and vinegar was accidentally added to the century egg porridge that we ordered…… 😦

Since that’s the last bowl for the day, we were being compensated with another item – shark’s fin soup dumpling. I guess it sounds pretty expensive but it was actually S$1.80 cheaper than the porridge. Not that we are being calculative but I think the stall owners should have at least mention about refund on the S$1.80 or an additional item as compensation. But NO, other than a few “sorry” nothing was being said after the dumpling was served.

I’m not going to give this stall or the restaurant a second chance as I can easily find good dim sum elsewhere. It’s just pretty upsetting and disappointing that our first visit to Food Republic @ Suntec had to end this way. 😦

Hannari Tofu Handphone Holder

My favourite tofu. 😀

Deco tape on gift package from Denise

from Denise.  🙂 Thanks my dear fren, but can I know where did you get this cute cute bunny deco tape??

So what’s inside there??

Chococat coin purse and letter

A very cute Chococat coin purse and a handwritten note on Chococat letter paper!! Hooray!! Hugs to you, Denise.  😀

Sun Tanning Devileye

Accompanied by red birdie. For Oneye Around the World group.

Fill ‘er Up! Swap Button

Fill ‘er Up!

Have not been joining any swaps lately so when I saw Sweetpea Swap #6 coming up, I registered with lightning speed! (^0^)  This is a pretty simple swap, just a couple of rules to follow :

  • you ship out in an 10.5″x15.5″ envelope filled with your partner’s favourite things
  • you need only to spend US$10- $15 max including shipping costs
  • you ship out on time
  • you send it with love and care

I can’t find an envelope that matches the size required so I bought one which is slightly bigger and filled it up with some goodies. It’s now on the way to my partner Mindy who is from Texas. Hope she loves what I sent. 🙂

Teddy Bears’ Tea Party at Park Mall

Teddy Bear Making Workshop

Spike and Nancey

Teddy Bears by German Artist

Jackie Teddy Bear Mascot

at Park Mall from 14-17 June 2007. Lots and lots of fantastic handmade teddy bears by local and foreign artists were displayed. You can also see teddy bear lovers attending a teddy bear making workshop conducted by Fabian Song, an award winning local artist. I really feel very proud and happy that there’s such a wonderful event in our small little island. All thanks to Jackie Koh from Jackie Teddy Bear! ^o^

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