May 2007

Foresty Bag

The print (especially the birdie) on this bag is really lovely, isn’t it?? It’s a really cheap buy and comes with a small pouch. Pretty roomy too, so I can stuff quite a fair bit of things without lugging a big big bag. A great find during today’s lunch hour. 😉



Found Amie’s website by chance and saw a cute little owl paper toy that she created. Just a couple of minutes and little Hoots is born! 🙂 Here’s the link, do try it out. And if you can, please email ( a picture of your little owl to her.

Thank you, Amie, for creating this little cutie!

Tofu Memopad

Interior of Tofu Memopad

Look what I found!! Hannari Tofu memopad from Q-Lia!!!! Lucky after joining the Q-Lia flickr group set up by Denise??

A happy way to end a tiring day after revision class. 😀

Island Creamery

Ice Cream from Island Creamery

A new ice cream store in town!! I have heard many good reviews about their ice cream but was actually a little bit disappointed after I tried it. There are quite a few unique flavours such as teh tarik (malay milk tea), chendol (a local dessert), pulut hitam (black glutinous rice), etc. I finally chose chendol but find that the taste is not strong enough. Did try a spoonful of the pulut hitam too but couldn’t taste much of the black glutinous rice. A plus point is that the texture is pretty smooth though the ice cream melts too fast considering I ate it in an airconditioned shopping mall. Anyway, I’m going to give it a second chance and hope my impression will change then.

I heard that both my cousins were sick. One will be having an operation for the cysts in her womb soon and the other was hospitalised for kidney failure. He will need dialysis as both his kidneys are mal-functioning. I can just imagine the mental and physical stress that they are going through and there’s the financial issues that needs to be dealt with.  😦 Hope things will turn out fine ultimately, I’m crossing my fingers.

potong ice cream

Weather is getting real hot recently, temperature was up to 33 deg c last week!! Time to have some nice ice cream to cool off. There were three flavours in this pack – red bean, yam and pulut hitam (black glutinous rice). I tried the pulut hitam one and it tasted pretty good. Now I’m soooo cooool!!! 😀

Another Mother’s Day Cake

Yam Cake

as my Mum had another Mother’s Day cake. This time from her god daughter. This was a yam flavoured one from the popular bakery chain, BreadTalk. Mommy wasn’t too keen to take a photo without any makeup on but I managed to persuade her. If one’s happy, one will look pretty too, isn’t it so? 🙂

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