April 2007

Seriously, I feel like quitting my current job. Eversince my partners left, my morale had been low and there’s no one to talk to (who can fully understand my job stress). And I can’t stand the attitude of my HOD!!! A new immediate superior came recently but I still don’t know how good he is with his job and character. I wonder if I can endure till the time I find out. 😦


Munchies that made me drool :


Guava and coconut gelato.

Cappucino and Ham & Cheese Crossiant

Cappucino and ham & cheese crossiant from Post Office. Their bacon crossiant is even better!

Biscuits from Queen Victoria Market

Biscuits from Queen Victoria Market.  😀

Here’s what I bought for myself during the vacation :

Goodies from Australia

Children’s illustration books, magazines, tea towel and a pouch with a wonderful illustration by an Australian.

More goodies from Australia

Quite a few postcards, including two Aranzi Aranzo ones which I luckily found while browsing through the shops. Of course I couldn’t miss Hard Rock Cafe and bought a fairy penguin pin to add to my collection. There’s some magnets and postage stamps that I managed to get hold of too. On the background is a cute tote bag from Queen Victoria Market, a pretty big and cheap one.  🙂

If you’re interested in more scenery pictures, please visit my flickr site.

Handmade card for Valerie

A handmade card for my best pal, Valerie, before I left for Melbourne. I just realised we had known each other for 20 years……time flies……… 🙂

Postcards from Little Odd Forest

Lovely postcards from Little Odd Forest. Totally adore them!! Thank you so much, Lynda!  😀

Mushroom Wallet

Interior of Mushroom Wallet

Mushroom wallet from Florspace. Just love the fabric!! 😉

Hello everyone, I’m finally back from my holidays in Melbourne! 🙂 Missed reading all the blogs and going through the flickr pictures but will try to catch up soon…..as soon as I sought treatment from the doctor for my back injury. Yes, I missed a step and pulled the muscles around my backbone and now I can’t walk fast or run – what a great thing to have during the vacation. 😦 Anyway, hope I’ll be able to post pictures on flickr and blog about them here soon. See you!

I’ll be away for a long overdue break so probably there will not be any blogging or uploading of photos at flickr for the next couple of weeks.  Hope to come back with a recharged mind and body and to share some lovely photos too. But sadly, after my holidays, I’ll be fighting a lonely war at work……..all my great working partners would have left by the time I come back. 😦

More Scrapbook Pages

Doing this scrapbook page was pretty fast. I just need to do the mapping and the little side note and it was completed! This photo was taken in 2005 at Taipei’s famous attraction – Yang Ming Shan. I sure want to visit Taiwan again in the near future. 

More Scrapbook Pages

I saw a similar layout at Made With Love and slightly modified it. Struggled for a while trying to get those rectangle cutouts from pattern papers in place but finally managed to get it done. Also get to use the template that Ellia gave me to do up the word “Buddies”. But does this page look a bit plain?? This photo was taken at a floral exhibition a couple of years ago.

Scrapbooking is sure addictive…….more to come…….  🙂

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