Mon Chat Summer Tote 

 A new summer tote! And one that bears my name!!! 😀 This is definitely one of my current favourites.  Just love the gorgeous and bright colored fabric used!!

Where did I get this from? Drumrolls please…….let me introduce a lovely lady by the name of Lyn from Florspace! She’s a fellow Singaporean and has been crafting since she was a kid.  Please pop by her etsy shop if you are interested in handmade goodies. You will love the fabrics and color combination that she use!    🙂

Hedgehog Bag & Mini Zippered

Mushroom Wristlet

Mini Zippered - Japanese Collection

I’m proud to find yet another wonderful local crafter! ^o^

(Permission granted by Lyn Teo of Florspace for linkage to her websites and usage of above pictures.)