March 2007

2nd scrapbook page

This layout was done during a scrapbooking class that I attended with Valerie last year. But I never get to complete it with photos until last Sunday. Still love to use my nephew’s photos ‘cos he’s really adorable. I’ll try using some other pictures for my third page which I hope will be coming up soon. 🙂


Another wonderful crafty blogger!! Tree Fall Design by Manda McGrory. She makes these super duper cute sock pups and fraidy cats. Aaaahhh……..they look so soft, I wanna hug them in bed!! 😀

Mini Pup  Fraidy Cats

Do you think that’s all? Nope, nope……..there’s more…….pear cushion and child apron & baking set :

Pear Cushion  Child Apron and Baking Set

Aren’t they beautiful? I can’t finish listing her handmade goodies here so if you want more eye candy or even own them, please visit Manda’s etsy shop. 🙂

(Permission granted by Manda McGrory of Tree Fall Design for linkages to her websites and usage of the above pictures.)

Cream of Mushroom Soup with Rice & Oat Bran Cakes

My Saturday lunch – cream of mushroom soup with rice & oat bran cakes. From Marks & Spencer. Taste great together and very healthy! 😀

Nian Gao

Loosely translated as Year Cake and is a traditional dish for Chinese New Year. Different families have different ways of eating this. For my family, my mum always had it panfried. It’s really yummy when it’s hot ços it’s slightly crispy on the outside while still gooey on the inside. 

I first came across Toni’s blog last year while browsing around some crafty blogs. I love to read about her children, thrifting, etc but most of all I love to see her crafty creations. From pillows to needle books to tote bags………just a look and you will fall in love! (^o^)

Embroidered Retro Trailer Pillow

Quiet Time Tote

Bunny In A Box

Are you in love now? If yes, you can purchase her crafty works here. Want to see more pictures? Pop over to her flickr site please.  🙂

Just a question, Toni – why the name Simple Sparrow for your blog?

(Permission granted by Toni of Simple Sparrow for linkage to her websites and usage of above pictures.)

Has anyone tried BeardPapa cream puffs before? I love their vanilla cream puffs and recently I found that there’s two new flavours  – chocolate and strawberry. I tried the chocolatey one and I must say, the filling is really smooth and it doesn’t taste too sweet. Yummy!! Will try out the strawberry one soon.  😉

BeardPapa Chocolate Cream Puff

Also tried out the Vinco Donuts that had a pretty good review by the local papers. But I was truely disappointed after tasting the cinnamon caramel one. The texture was quite soft but I can’t really taste the cinnamon or caramel. And the size was a tad small to me. You will need at least three or more of them to really fill your stomach. 😦

Vinco Donuts

Fluffels?? Who or what is that??

“They are soft designer toys that put a smile on your face. They are very adorable, soft and a little bit crazy!” said Mariska, who is the artist behind Fluffels. She currently resides in The Netherlands and is also a dutch graphic artist who makes videogames models.

So exactly how cute are the Fluffels?? Take a look at the pictures below and you will know.   🙂


red cat

zumba keychain

Want to put a big smile on the face of your loved ones? Please check out Mariska’s website, blog and flickr.  (^o^)

(Permission granted by Mariska Vos of Fluffels for linkage to her websites and usage of above pictures.)


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