Cram Cream Trays

What a short memory I have – I totally forgot about blogging this wonderful purchase!

While I was browsing through Yahoo! Auctions (something similar to Ebay) recently, I came across these cram cream trays and was super excited about them! Beforehand, I wanted to get them online from overseas but due to the high shipping cost I decided to give up. But now they are actually available locally and were so much cheaper!! What’s more, shipping was FREE!!!! 😀

These trays are simply small and adorable, I can’t even bear to remove them from the plastic packaging! If only I can use them in the kitchen – but that’s out of the way since the kitchen is my mum’s territory. So in the meantime, I will have to tuck them in a special corner together with my other treasures, but there will be a day when they will be put to good use. ^o^