February 2007

Fabric Wrapped Packages

from Ellia. I love the way she wrapped these packages with fabric and ribbon. Simple yet beautiful.

ATC Postcards & Other Goodies

But of course, the contents are even more wonderful!  🙂 From top left : Cupcake Girl and Golf Cat ATC Postcards, Peter Rabbit card (with Ellia’s beautiful handwriting), vintage cards featuring drawings by a lady suffering from Polio, Mini Notebook with a sweet girl illustration and some cute calling cards. 

 Basketball Boy

Still can’t get enough of the lovely artwork?? Ok, here’s another cute one – Basketball Boy! This was on sale so I just had to grab it. Love the texture of the paper used for the basketball, it feels like the actual ball itself. This is my third cut paper artwork from Ellia and I believe there’s more to come in the future. 😀


Cram Cream Trays

What a short memory I have – I totally forgot about blogging this wonderful purchase!

While I was browsing through Yahoo! Auctions (something similar to Ebay) recently, I came across these cram cream trays and was super excited about them! Beforehand, I wanted to get them online from overseas but due to the high shipping cost I decided to give up. But now they are actually available locally and were so much cheaper!! What’s more, shipping was FREE!!!! 😀

These trays are simply small and adorable, I can’t even bear to remove them from the plastic packaging! If only I can use them in the kitchen – but that’s out of the way since the kitchen is my mum’s territory. So in the meantime, I will have to tuck them in a special corner together with my other treasures, but there will be a day when they will be put to good use. ^o^

Doughnuts & Elephant Stamps

Haven’t been crafting at all recently so I spent some time doing these rubber stamps today. The designs are from a rubber stamp book borrowed from the library. Can you tell that they are doughnuts and elephant? The finished products are not very well done, I still need a lot of practice. Also use my new green stamp pad bought from Daiso which works pretty well.  =)

Steamboat Dinner

During Chinese New Year, a lot of families have steamboat for reunion dinner. For the past, my family did the same but this year, we had a 6-course cantonese style lunch at a restaurant instead. So today, we decided to have a sumptious steamboat dinner. There were prawns, fish, small abalone, vegetables, etc. Almost everything was gone by the end of the meal but one thing was left behind – my round and protruding stomach! Haha!!! ^o^

Chocolate Truffle B’day Cake


It’s my mum’s lunar (aka chinese) birthday today. Initially I wanted to buy a Durian Mousse cake for her (she loves durian) but there’s no more stock so I’m left with no choice but to buy a Chocolate Truffle cake instead. Luckily, she quite like the cake. 😉

Happy Birthday, my dearest Mummy!!! I love you!!! 😀

Someone posted this comment on my Grandma Long Ears picture on Flickr: “hope you get his permission to reproduce this and other pages”

Am I violating any copyrights by posting pictures (including the cover page) of a certain book on flickr and on my blog? I always take the pictures using a camera instead of scanning it, does this make a difference? I’m not using the pictures for any other purposes but solely to share them with whoever may be interested. Now I’m thinking whether it is right to do so.

I would like to hear your views. Please drop me a line here or on Flickr or my email about what you think. If I’m really violating any copyrights, I will stop doing so in the future. Thanks in advance. 


Moopy Bunny


Earless Elephant

I was thrilled when I saw this book in the library! There are so many cute and unique stuff toys to see and make. Not that I will definitely make any from it (other than Moopy Bunny which I had sewn before) but it does help to trigger the crafty mood. An introduction of some of the designers can be found in one of the sections too.  For more pictures, please visit here.

(Plush-O-Rama by Linda Kopp 
ISBN-13: 978-1-57990-878-2
ISBN-10: 1-57990-878-0) 

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