I don’t know what title to put for this post or I’m too lazy to think of one ‘cos my head is spinning while I’m typing away. My mood seem to be more on the low side recently. Certain time of a day, I don’t feel like talking (especially in the early mornings), doesn’t have a really good appetite and I get frustrated/irritated easily. Sometimes I even feel like snapping at people. But I do get back to normal in the late afternoon or evening. 

So what is really going wrong?? I’m not too sure, maybe it’s due to the relapse of my reflux. Over the past few years, my body had been loaded with different types of medicine – really sick and tired of this situation! How come I’m always falling sick??? And seeing this kind of news (a young Taiwanese actress died from a severe traffic accident) makes things worse – you get more depress ‘cos you start thinking life is so fragile, you will never know when you’re leaving this world.  So, is there something that can let me feel that life is beautiful and not just filled with depressing or irritating stuff??

For now – back to the reality of a boring work day….