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This is a picture book which was written and illustrated by Raman Hui, the supervising animator of the Shrek movies. It shows detailed illustrations done by hand with acrylic paints. This is a heart-warming story written in simple sentences that a four-year-old should be able to understand.

The protagonist is little bunny Bing, who is taken care of by her grandmother while her parents are “busy at work”. Her grandma is the one who cooks for her and teaches her how to run but conflicts occurs when Bing wants to run all over the place, but is not able to as her grandma is too old.

Having grandparents look after their grandchildren is a common scenario in Singapore but I believe it happens in many corners of the world. I’m taken care of by my grandmother since I was a kid and had lived with her for a few decades before she passed away in 2005. Reading this book reminds me of her.

In Singapore, all proceeds from the sale goes to charity organisation Mainly I Love Kids. And in Hong Kong, where this book is also available, the proceeds are donated to YAF to help support local art development among community youth. Read more about this book here and here.

(Grandma Long Ears by Raman Hui. ISBN: Not stated on the book)