Today was fun mail day and I’m so happy with all the lovely goodies that I had received!

Wonderful Goodies from Mariah!
All these wonderful goodies were from Mariah! I totally adore this package which includes postcard, notepad, buttons, etc but this was a lousy photo taken. But I can assure you the items are very very beautiful cum colorful!!! Thank you so much, Mariah, you really made my day!!! 🙂

Free Post - Christmas
Another free post from Dani. This is a very beautiful christmas postcard and I’m really glad to be starting a collection of her artwork. Thank you, Dani!

Fun Goodies!
I just received my first christmas present over the past weekend and I can’t bear to wait till Boxing Day before I open it, so here it is – Ovaltine Swiss brought back from Korea by my friend, Jean! She knows I love hot cocoa. 😉 Also received my belated birthday present from Li Peng, who brought back this cute Winnie The Pooh mug from Bangkok, Thailand. Lastly, I bought a super soft and bright colored arm/wrist rest to replace the old one on my office desk. Doesn’t the wordings – “No Nap! Only for Arms!” make you smile? 🙂