Do all temporary staffs have poor attitudes? Ever since I started working, I have met a lot of temp staffs. They used to be co-operative and willing to help, even on minor duties such as photocopying and sorting out messy documents. But guess what, nowadays, they are demanding for leave, year end bonus and you are suppose to treat them with super great respect!

I was “told off” (with a “sweet” smile) by one today that I shouldn’t be taking advantage of her by asking her to do photocopying. The reason being my head of department did not tell her that photocopying is part of her portfolio. Come on, must all duties be listed down in black and white? Then why is she doing it after my manager told her to do so? Just because I’m smiling happily when I made that request, does that constitute to trying to take advantage? And must I be questioned about efficiency when I’m super busy trying to clear a big load of work within the deadline? Can’t one just do things the longer way at least for that very moment? Why are temp staffs so demanding and so self centred nowadays?

I’m not one who has great social skills and I may be blunt with my words but at least I know what is basic courtesy. But where is theirs? I really don’t want to spend time and energy entertaining these people but looks like I’m left with no choice until my superior is back from her maternity leave. Arghhhh….. 😦