Scrapbooking Class

I went for an introductory/beginner’s scrapbooking course with my best friend about a week ago. I must say it was really fun and now I can really understand the amount of effort that scrapbookers (am I using the right word?) put in to create a wonderful album. Not only do you need creativity, it also requires a lot of time and patience. The course was suppose to take about 3.5 hours but in the end we took 5 hours to complete everything. And by saying everything, it actually means only a trial design page and a page of actual scrapbooking with photos! But of course, the end result really made every single effort worthwhile. Here’s mine: 😀

My First Page
A very simple design with my nephews’ lovely photos.

Oh, there’s another fun part of scrapbooking – lots of beautiful pattern paper, cardstocks and embellishments for you to run through!!! Ellia, if you were here, you will go crazy over the stuff in the store! ^o*