November 2006

Mini Holiday Activity Book

Wanna have some fun without spending too much time? Go ahead to download this activity book from DeMarco Designs website. Trust me, you will love it! 🙂


My Custom Order Is Here!

Look what I’ve got!!! Oh yes, my custom order from Ellia had arrived!! I love all the details in there and you can even see my favourite unazukin doll. 😉 Really beautiful papers were used….see that headband & clothes and you will know what I mean. Even the pants are in glittering (did I use the correct word?) paper. Mmmm……..I need more of this stuff!

More Goodies from Ellia!

More??? I did had more…..a super sweet notebook with illustration and a really cool Day of The Dead ATC postcard! Ellia, I must say you are amazing with your hands and great sense of color combination! 😀 Oh, by the way, can someone enlighten me on this “Day of The Dead”? Something to do with Halloween??? Definitely something new to me.

My generous friend also send some yummy raspberry truffle hot chocolate, mint maltballs and some vintage christmas cards & carol books. I can see that it will be a bright and happy day for me today!! Once again, thank you so much Ellia!

Oh no, “bad” news………!!!!!  😦

“Singapore Post revises postage rates
By S Ramesh, Channel NewsAsia  Posted: 17 November 2006 1936 hrs

SINGAPORE : Postage rates for domestic mail and international airmail services will be revised from December 18.

Singapore Post on Friday said postage rates would be increased to 25 cents, from the current 23 cents, for domestic mail weighing 20 grammes or less.

International airmail postage rates will go up by between 5 and 40 cents.

Postage fees for registered mail will see an increase of 20 cents, from S$2 to S$2.20.

Singapore Post said local stamp rates were last revised 11 years ago, while international postage rates were last revised six years ago. – CNA/ms”


Home Companion
Martha Stewart Holiday Handmade Gifts

Some wonderful magazines that I’m craving for at the moment. Is anyone out there who is keen for a swap? 🙂

Update : I finally found “Adorn” at Kinokuniya, yay!! 

Scrapbooking Class

I went for an introductory/beginner’s scrapbooking course with my best friend about a week ago. I must say it was really fun and now I can really understand the amount of effort that scrapbookers (am I using the right word?) put in to create a wonderful album. Not only do you need creativity, it also requires a lot of time and patience. The course was suppose to take about 3.5 hours but in the end we took 5 hours to complete everything. And by saying everything, it actually means only a trial design page and a page of actual scrapbooking with photos! But of course, the end result really made every single effort worthwhile. Here’s mine: 😀

My First Page
A very simple design with my nephews’ lovely photos.

Oh, there’s another fun part of scrapbooking – lots of beautiful pattern paper, cardstocks and embellishments for you to run through!!! Ellia, if you were here, you will go crazy over the stuff in the store! ^o*

Why am I stuck with this silly job doing all these nonsense???? Am I only capable of doing photocopying, printing out reports, counting petty cash, writing cheques, processing stationery requisitions??? I know I’m not and I’m trained in the accounting field not admin, how did I ever end up doing all these? Multi-tasking is the current trend but it’s more or less affecting my chances of learning new things…..I really don’t know what to do to help myself get out of this fix or stop feeling irritated over the same issues every now and then. Furthermore, there are those inconsiderate colleagues and superiors to deal with! Arghhhh!!!!!!! 😦

Apologies for boring anybody who reads this….I need a space to vent my frustrations before I go crazy!!!!

Snail Mail from Ellia (4)

Ms Sage and Rose –  a cut paper art by Ellia of GreenBeanBaby. She sent me this lovely piece when we did a swap a couple of months ago and from then on I’m hooked to her art work and wanted to collect more. So what did I do?? Haha, I went ahead to place an order with her as a birthday cum christmas gift to myself! Want to know how my latest piece of illustration looks like? Check it out here.  I can’t wait to receive it! ^o^

Since I’m a greedy lady, I also bought some other beautiful stuff. I will post about them when I receive  the package from Ellia, so do stay tuned. In the meantime, do visit her etsy shop.

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